Stunning Italian Islands to Explore

Stunning Italian Islands to Explore

No trip to Italy would be complete without stepping outside of the country’s mainland. From finding hidden coves to strolling down narrow cobblestone streets, from dipping your toes into the crystal clear refreshing waters of the Mediterranean Sea to taking a step back in time through the unique ancient roman ruins, there is so much to explore across the Italian islands. Keep reading as we are sharing the top 5 best Italian islands worth visiting!



As one of the biggest Mediterranean islands, Sardinia is definitely the most popular Italian island often chosen by tourists for an extend weekend getaway. Besides the ancient roman ruins, the beautiful white sandy beaches and the crystal clear turquoise waters, the island is also a fantastic foodie destination. From the scent of morning coffee to the divine flavors of a seafood platter for dinner, every meal is a real treat for the taste buds. You can definitely spend your entire holiday sitting at a small local cafe and immersing yourself into the peaceful, laid-back way of life on the island. Make sure not to miss paying a visit to some of the fantastic attractions around Sardinia, though. Naptune’s Grotto, Gorropu Gorge and the remote beach of Cala Goloritze are examples of spots worth visiting on the island.



Situated just a short ferry ride from Naples, Capri is one of the best Italian islands you should plan to visit. During the last few years, the island has earned a reputation as a luxurious destination for the rich and famous. Do not be fooled by the cover, though, because once you take the off-the-beaten-paths around the island, you will find truly outstanding scenery. From the stunning sea caves to the charming small towns with narrow cobblestone streets, Capri is jam-packed with things to do and see.



Ischia is another Italian island located at the Gulf of Naples. Compared  to Capri, however, the volcanic island will greet you with its incredibly calm and relaxing vibes. Fewer tourists also means empty endless white sandy beaches and picturesque narrow alleys lined with colorful fisherman houses. Known for its natural hot springs, Ischia is the perfect location to unwind and recharge your batteries. Besides spending an entire day relaxing and sunbathing on the beach, visitors can dive into lush green gardens or even climb the highest peak on the island and admire the breathtaking sea views from there. Later in the evenings, on the other hand, elegant boutiques, chick bars and fine dining restaurants are awaiting you in the modern city centers.



Those of you looking for a day trip to one of the best Italian islands can head to Procida. The tiny island will quickly steal your heart with the various fishing boats and brightly colored houses. Just taking a stroll down the promenade and admiring this fiesta of vibrant colors is enough to make your trip to Procida truly remarkable. As the island is often neglected by tourists, it is much more peaceful and has managed to keep its authentic charm and atmosphere. The history buffs will also love taking a step back in time, while strolling down the medieval town of Terra Murata. Those always in look for the secret spots, on the other hand, will definitely enjoy embarking on a small adventure and exploring the hidden bays and coves along the coast.



Quietly nestling in the Aeolian achipelago, Panarea is one of the smallest, yet one of the best Italian islands. It is the combination of narrow cobblestone alleys lined with white washed houses and secret rocky beaches with refreshing crystal clear waters, which make the island one of Europe’s hidden gems. As a tiny island, Panarea remains fairly uninhabited during off season, during the summer months on the other hand, it is considered as the party destination for the locals. Most of the tourists focused on the much bigger and popular island of Sicily, though, rarely visit and appreciate the beauty of Panarea. If you enjoy exploring off-the-beaten-path spots, Panarea is calling your name.


Which of the above mentioned 5 best Italian island sounds most intriguing to you? Would you love partying in one of the most popular Mediterranean islands – Sardinia or would you prefer finding the hidden spots along the coast of Procida?

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