City breaks for romantic celebrations

City breaks for romantic celebrations

From taking a gondola ride down the calm and peaceful canals in Venice to admiring the stunningly beautiful twinkling night lights of Paris from the Eiffel Tower, Europe is packed with unique and charming towns all offering an endless list of opportunities to surprise your significant other. If you are wondering what are the best city breaks for romantic celebrations, keep reading as today we are sharing the top 5 best romantic getaways in Europe!




There is probably no other place in the world more romantic than the fabulous French capital. Book a luxurious hotel near the Eiffel Tower and start your morning admiring the stunning city landscape from your balcony with a cup of delicious coffee and a warm chocolate croissant. Spend your day goofing around the biggest theme park in the world – Disneyland Paris or immersing yourself into the fantastic art atmosphere of the city in the Louvre and the Natural Museum of Modern Art. In the late afternoon take a stroll down the peaceful waters of River Seine. It would be a shame if you miss getting on top of the Eiffel Tower and grabbing a glass of champagne in the evening when the city lights are glittering and twinkling beneath your feet. To make the most of your romantic celebration don’t forget to treat yourself to a remarkable show at the Moulin Rouge.




Widely known as one of the best honeymoon destinations, Venice has so much to offer that it is the perfect spot for a city break for any romantic celebration. With more than 400 scenic bridges, 26 miles of canals and endless lines of picturesque Renaissance buildings, it is impossible not to fall in love with the romantic atmosphere of the Floating City. Cosying up next to your significant other, as the gondola is softly making its way through the silent and peaceful alleys of the city is a truly remarkable experience, the memories of which you will cherish long after you have gone back home.




If you are looking for a little hideaway, trying to escape the tourist crowds for a romantic celebration with your significant other, then you should head to Bruges. The medieval buildings, narrow cobblestone streets and calm canals will allow you to quickly immerse yourself into the charming and romantic atmosphere of the city. You do not really need much of a plan for a city break to Bruges. Just lose yourselves in between the alleys lined with quaint cafes and chocolatiers. Be impulsive, grab a freshly baked warm waffle and share it together, as you are admiring the beautiful swans at the Lake of Love. Besides the numerous art museums and antique galleries, Bruges is also home to some of the best fine-dining restaurants in Europe. What better way to spend a fabulous city break for a romantic celebration than treating your taste buds to an explosion of flavors.




The Hungarian capital Budapest has only started receiving more attention from tourists during the last few years. The quiet waters of Danube river with the stunningly beautiful bridges and the incredible architecture of the city, however, are a true synonym for a romantic getaway. When combined with the unique thermal baths and miles of promenades, perfect for relaxing and unwinding with your loved one, Budapest can be definitely considered one of the best destinations for city breaks for romantic celebrations.




Romance may not be the first word that comes to your mind when you hear Edinburgh. It might be the cold-looking historic castle with its dramatic history, dominating the city’s skyline that is making the city a destination mainly for the history buffs. The Scottish city, however, will not fail to impress you with its charming architecture and narrow cobblestone streets. Spread on top of numerous hills, Edinburgh offers breathtaking city views, as well as world-class restaurants and bars, which are perfect if you are planning to treat your significant other to a romantic dinner.


Did you get inspired by our top 5 city breaks for romantic celebrations? Where would you like to take your significant other first?

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