Virtual Holidays

Virtual Holidays by hypnosis

Whilst we cannot travel as extensively as we would like, it’s nice to escape the world we live in and experience the holidays that we cannot currently take. Please feel free to listen to these audio files prepared by our friend Charles Whitaker of Smash Your Anxiety.

The recordings are audio self-hypnosis sessions that aim to take you on an inner journey to a peaceful and relaxing place within yourself. The fun, light-hearted holiday mode is always there waiting to be tapped in and enjoyed. 

Before you start make to ensure you get the best of these sessions please sit comfortably or lie somewhere where you won’t be interrupted for a while. 


Find your peace amongst the breathtaking vistas provided by Mother Nature.

Tropical Beach

Escape to the peace and tranquility of a tropical island. Free yourself of the modern world and relax on powdery white sands.


Family holidays are one of life’s great joys. Share the magic of that time a child experiences the rhythmic waves of the sea.


The wonders of the natural world, all laid out for you to explore. 

Road Trip

Hit the open road and explore at your own pace. Feel the wind in your hair as you head out of town looking for adventure.

Charles - Smash Your Anxiety

I’ve been practising as a hypnotherapist for over 13 years in which time I’ve steadily invested in building a high level of skill to bring you the latest in modern approaches to hypnotherapy and deep personal change. I have previously worked as a volunteer at the Maggie’s Centre in Dundee, supporting people with cancer and their carers and as an Energy Practitioner, where I assisted patients overcome anxiety and related conditions. low confidence, phobias, addictions, weight problems and psychosexual dysfunction. I also provide palliative hypnotherapy.
In popular mythology hypnosis is where something is done to you and you are “put under”. So it’s not surprising that people can get alarmed about experiencing this. In practice though, it’s completely different.
I work in a collaborative way with you so there is no “putting under” involved. Everything that happens is under your control. For many of the techniques I use you will not close your eyes at all or only for very short periods, to allow you to focus more specifically on the changes you wish to bring about.
You are fully informed before we proceed with any technique so you know what to expect and have had the opportunity to ask any questions you need. Very often you will be learning how to use some of the skills for yourself so that you can look after yourself more effectively as you get on with your life again.
All of my sessions are deeply personalised, so you can be sure that you’ll get the treatment you need.

Find out more about me and my work at