To show how much we appreciate and value our customers, we have created the Voyager Club.
Members earn rewards points from each holiday they book, but also have access to exclusive discounts and events.
Enrollment is simple, just complete this form and start earning points!

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How to earn points

You will receive points for every booking you make with Harden Holidays. The volume of points accrued will be determined by the type of holiday and holiday provider.

You will be advised of the number of points awarded for your particular holiday at the time of booking. Here is a guide of what to expect and also the other ways in which you can accrue points to your account.

Flight Only booking: 3 points

Package holiday: 3 - 100 points

Cruise holiday: 10-150 points

Refer a friend: 30 points

Facebook review: 10 points

Google review: 10 points

You can read the full Terms & Conditions by clicking here.

What your points can earn