Giving Back

  • What is ‘Giving Back’?

At the Harden Travel Group we believe that companies have a responsibility to the wider community. We’ve always put that core belief to work by supporting community projects like the Dartford Festival or local charities, such as our support of the Ellenor hospice. However, we’re now taking it a step further by committing a donation from every booking made through our Harden Holidays or Select Cruise brands.

Many holiday companies and travel agents have schemes for charity donations. These largely consist of either donations made by the company to the charities of their choice, or support given by websites where a percentage of the sale goes to the charity of your choice. The issue with these is that the purchase must be made on-line and the same donation cannot be applied to in-store purchases. This is where our concept differs. There is a charity donation applied to every booking made through us, no matter how the booking is made. The donation goes to a charity of your choice, which can be almost any charity that you support and even to your local school’s PTA.

  • What do I have to do to be eligible?

All you need to do is book your holiday through us. At the time of booking we’ll ask you which charity you would prefer to support. You don’t need to quote a reference, fill in a form or follow a process, we will take care of that for you.

  • Which charities can I support?

Almost any. Personally, we support Ellenor as we believe their work is invaluable and is geographically linked to our local area. However, the charity you choose to support will be your own decision. All we ask is that your charity of choice be a UK registered charity or a school PTA with a bank account in its own name.

  • How much will my charity receive?

There are three bands that your holiday will fall into. These bands are determined by the holiday type and holiday provider. For example, TUI holidays fall into Band 1, Jet2Holidays fall into Band 2, and Thomas Cook holidays fall into Band 3.

Band 1:                 Fixed donation of £10

Band 2:                 1% of the holiday value

Band 3:                 2% of the holiday value

  • When will my charity receive their payment?

We will make the donation to your charity of choice after you have travelled on your holiday. Payments will be made quarterly – January, April, August & October. Each payment run will cover payments for holidays travelled within that quarter. So, for example, if you book a Jet2Holidays holiday in January for travel in July, then we will donate 1% of the holiday value to your charity in our August payment run.